megamillionslastdrawing| Wang Qimeng: The surge in gold is driving straight into no one's land. The latest trend analysis and operational suggestions in the gold market

Wang Qi has no magnificent and colorful language here.MegamillionslastdrawingThere is no gaudy boast, the patience to win without arrogance and defeat. Treat the market with the most authentic attitude and sincerely stay with friends who invest in the market. I hope my years of experience can give you a reasonable and scientific solution to add icing on the cake. It is not so highly unrealistic to send charcoal in the snow. Hope to communicate with you who are confused and confused.Megamillionslastdrawing!

Many people wonder why we struggle in this market day and night in the middle of the night. Nothing more than seizing the opportunity to share the cake of the market. In fact, it is not so easy. Many people say that they have no financial luck, and gradually have an indelible fear of the market. Every time you lure more and more empty, you never miss it, but you dare not place an order every time you feel right. Because you are afraid, it is exactly what the market wants. It's not that the pattern of the market is too deep, in the final analysis, you are too naive. Every time you happily think that the time is ripe after your repeated consideration, have you ever thought that there is a word called no more than three things?

Many people responded, "teacher Wang Qi, I can't understand your train of thought at all. Sometimes I keep an eye on a trend, and sometimes I become very good." I've always been like this. Maybe I look bearish during the day and at night. Or maybe I've been bearish or bullish for several days in a row, so what? Analysis and analysis is not good for you to make orders, fickle is the most useful way of life in this market, just like the wolf's sense of smell, feel the danger immediately withdraw, do you think that those who are bearish in the morning and afternoon trend has changed but also swollen face fat people do not tell you, continue to ask you to hold patiently the teacher is the best, the most identity, the most pressing teacher? What kind of logic is that? it doesn't work at all, because it's your money. We should remember what I said today, fickle is not wrong, making money is the king!

Gold operation analysis:

Spot gold was volatile in European trading on Wednesday and is now trading around $2355 an ounce. Analysts point out that weaker yields on the dollar and Treasuries as well as geopolitical tensions have contributed to a significant strengthening of gold. Spot gold closed up 21% on Tuesday.Megamillionslastdrawing.72 US dollars, an increase of 0Megamillionslastdrawing.93% to close at US $2357.73 / oz, rising to a daily high of US $2359.74 / oz. The dollar has fallen, which I think has given some boost to the gold market. Federal Reserve Chairman Colin Powell did not signal a rise in interest rates, which is also a positive factor, which could provide an additional boost to gold prices. The higher-than-expected PPI data released on Tuesday showed that inflation remained high. Yields on US dollars and US Treasuries fell and gold prices rebounded. Investors need to pay attention to the evening CPI and EIA data today.

From the point of view of the gold daily line, the rally of US $70 at the end of last week was once close to the 2380 mark. Monday's drop of US $30 corrected the strong rise at the end of last week. Tuesday's rebound approaching the 2360 mark basically recovered Monday's decline. At present, the trend is still very strong, and it is expected that the 2400 mark will continue to be tested upward in the future. From the point of view of the four-hour line, after surging close to 2380 on Friday, it continued to fall to the first line of 2332 on Monday, did not hit a new low on Tuesday, but continued to rebound, and finally approached the 2360 pass. The current Bolin belt closes, gold prices run above the middle rail, KDJ forms a gold fork and diverges upward, MACD has signs of forming a golden fork, green energy columns shrink, bulls become stronger. Taken together, although it fell by $30 on Monday, it did not continue on Tuesday and basically recovered Monday's decline, which shows that Monday's decline is a correction to the rally at the end of last week. so gold may continue to choose to test the psychological barrier of $2400. Once broken, the next resistance level for bulls will be a high of $2417 on April 19, followed by an all-time high of $2431. Therefore, to sum up the overall idea of gold operation in the US market is mainly to do more, the upper resistance looks at 2378-2385 first-line resistance, the lower focus on 2340 first-line support.

megamillionslastdrawing| Wang Qimeng: The surge in gold is driving straight into no one's land. The latest trend analysis and operational suggestions in the gold market

Non-firm offer customers, provide general direction and expectations, update trend analysis and operation ideas every day, those who need to examine the strength can go to see, need to see the suggested attention (Wang Qi) to see for themselves, without charge, you consider it and follow the firm offer operation, think that I can not help you or you have questions, you will continue to investigate, so as not to waste each other's time, after all, time is precious. It's not for waste.

Teacher Wang Qi is not 100% correct here, only a sound operation train of thought. The big warehouse makes the trend, the small warehouse does the band, controls the proportion by oneself. There is no unprofitable investment, only unsuccessful orders! Whether or not to make money depends on the timing of buying up and down, making money depends on opportunities, investment depends on wisdom, and financial management depends on expertise.

(Wen / Wang Qi)